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DF3FS Contest Activities the last years in SSB and CW Operating in most contests like: ARRL DX, CQWW 160m, CQWW CW, CQWW SSB, WAEDC, WPX SSB, WPX CW, WPX RTTY, Coupe du REF, RDXC, SAC, IARU, EU HF, LZ DX, OK-OM DX, WAG, DARC VHF, IARU VHF. CQ3L, CR3L, DR2X, DA0HQ, DR1D, DP6T, DJ6QT, DQ4T, DF7ZS, DL0FC, DL0OG, DK0CEU, DB0OG, DC2FN, LX75HQ
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